Established in the autumn of 2002, the Theatre Research Society welcomes scholars from various fields of the performing arts: from drama and repertory theatre to dance theatre and opera, from performance studies to the study of circus and from research on Finnish theatre to the study of foreign theatrical traditions. The aim of the society is to promote connections between researchers by arranging seminars, conferences and talks. The society also pursues publishing and information services and supports international contacts between Finnish and foreign scholars. It actively charts graduate schools and tuition in its own field and strives by its own action to promote interplay between research and art.

The society has individual members: annual and honorary members as well as patron and student members. An organisation that wishes to support the activities of the society can be accepted as a patron member. Students within the field of theatre research are accepted as student members.

Decisions regarding the society are made at autumn and spring meetings, during which a regular symposium is held for everyone interested in theatre research.

Guide for Reviewers- TeaTS

Contact details:

Chairman: Mikko-Olavi Seppälä, mikko-olavi.seppala [at]
Secretary: Marleena Huuhka, marleena.huuhka [at]